Screen printing


Screen printing is a technique, in which printable layer is a template imposed on petite, woven, metal or syntethic, mesh. Making of blueprint consist on pumping paint throught a die. Screen printing mesh is a rectangle frame, usually made of alluminium, with tense mesh in it (originally of silk or cotton thread, modern out of nylon, polyester or metal) with template. In printing usually used mesh consists out of 100 to 150 fibers per centimeter (mesh grid diameter is from 40 to 34 micrometer).

Print is made during pumping paint throught the base (manually or with use of screen printing press). Properly constructed screen printing mashines allows printing also on curved (for egzample cylinder) base. Precision and resolution of screen print depends on density of used mesh, and usually it is repeatedly lower than in standart attainable for example in offset printing.