Thermal Transfer


Printing technique consisting of thermal warming into the desired material of drawing/print made with use of mass copying devices, printer or eventually manually cut of as a template. It’s a very easy way to prepare a overprint which – with less effort and with low cost – anybody can make alone, in house environment. This type of full color overprint can be used on any type of background.

Picture, we wish to transfer into the material, we print or copy onto a special transfer paper and then with use of a warming device such thermal press or iron, we transfer our picture on desired surface – textile, metal, glass, porcelain.
Thermal transfer allows to create a small amount of copies which made thermal transfer a very popular technique used in various ways – it’s ideal in adversiting industry when high quality isn’t necessary.

Except traditional overprints on shirts, caps, thermal transfer can be used to transfer pictures onto mousepads, puzzles, plastics, wood, leather, ceramics and glass.